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Main advantages to implement software in a construction business

Construction digitisation can no longer be called a prospect - because it is something that is already happening. Main Advantages of Digital Management

Software In Construction FLOWdigital

How to manage a construction project in a simple way?

The use of various mobile applications has become commonplace, facilitating communication between projects in a construction management, site workers and the project department. When the team can immediately understand the planned workflow of the building and accurately implement it – they significantly affect labour productivity. The difference between what is planned and what happens on the building site is reduced to a minimum.

Analytics data in all-in-one construction application

Also, thanks to such planning, it becomes easier to stick to the budget and save. The Digital management platform allows you to effectively manage the construction organization, and control finances and the work of contractors. Create estimates, organize work and monitor key business indicators in one application.

Cloud app FLOWdigital
Cloud construction management

Cloud construction management

FLOW DCMPlatform has become the impetus for the transition of the construction industry to a new digital era, which is also defined by the use of information in the "cloud". Many specialists in the industry easily and quickly receive information about the quality and speed of the process. With the help of DCMP, you will be aware of everything that is happening with the company, wherever you are.

DCMPlatform can be used for

· general;
· capital;
· commercial;
· industrial;
· civil;
· residential;
· infrastructure building.

Custom developed software

For decades, the introduction of new technologies in design and construction was considered expensive and wasteful in most cases - today every construction company considers it within its competence.


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