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DCM Platform is the best software for construction management

FLOWdigital Gmbh is a company that specialises in creating services and optimizing management construction processes for medium and small construction companies. For these companies, the platform created by FLOWdigital became a new stage of the development industry. That is why DCMP is the best solution for constructors.

Construction Processes FLOWdigital
Development industry

Task management

Construction project management requires total immersion in each task and even participation in the appointment of the person in charge.

For the most part, vertical manage a construction project is difficult to trace. Hence the dragging of deadlines and errors that need to be corrected at one's own expense. These factors are minimised when introducing a program such as a platform into the company.

The DCMplatform makes it possible to manage projects & building horizontally, that is, to see not only a section of the work of the department or team but also each employee. Project & construction management gets the opportunity to easily, quickly and timely check the phasing, execution of tasks, distribution of funds, and the area of ​​responsibility of employees.

No more beaurocracy headache - contractor business management software

A separate large department of construction management cooperation with contractors, which requires meticulous work with contracts, acts and permits. The time needed to perform this routine can be used more efficiently, for this flow has developed a separate part of the project bauer software FLOW DCMP with a digital signature, which allows you to quickly add a contractor to work.

A secure chat for employees

The management of construction companies always suffers from wasting time on long coordination processes - for this, the FLOW bauersoftware has a secure chat for quick and coordinated discussion of problems and the ability to make corrections quickly.

Big benefit of construction management software

A secure cloud and mobile application that can be installed on any device allowing you to have access to all documents and construction work processes at any time and from any point.

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